A Hustling Artist To Artpreneur

Reyanshh Rahul, hailing from Chhattisgarh, India, is a skilled professional artist. He is the founder of Arena Art Academy in Raigarh, where he has been imparting art education to enthusiasts for over six years.

Over the past two years, Reyanshh has successfully completed more than 200 private commissions across the globe, spanning countries such as India, the United States, Canada, the Republic of Ireland, Australia, Switzerland, and England.

His talent and dedication have earned him numerous accolades at both the state and national levels. Notably, he received recognition from esteemed artist Ram V. Sutar, the creator of the Statue of Unity.

One of Reyanshh’s notable achievements includes creating a commissioned painting of Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Reyanshh has actively participated in various group art exhibitions and workshops nationwide. He frequently conducts live painting demonstrations in esteemed art galleries to engage and inspire fellow artists.

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Reyanshh Rahul started his professional career as a commissioned artist and an art teacher. He used to teach art students offline at his academy Arena Art Academy and do commission work part time. However, he wanted to empower more art students and help them work professionally. That’s why he started his online art academy.

He educate artists choose the right career part based on their skillset and knowledge. He also emphasize on the importance of fundamentals that every artists must have a stronger command on it.

He started sharing his knowledge and experience into short & long form of content on different social media platforms. People started liking the content gradually that got him more followers & subscribers on social media and eventually got the title of art influencer because he share content that helps artists.

In his initial days when he faced a lot of challenges when it comes to right education and guidance, in fact a lot of people & relatives demotivated for his art career. However, he went against everyone and took a stand for himself. He travelled multiple cities in India and met with many successful artists in multiple exhibition that given him so much clarity and visdom. But unfortunately many aspiring students quit their dream to become a professional artist because no guidance and clarity. 

That’s why he is so passionate about helping artists improve their skills and become professional artists.

His annual income is above 1 crore per year.

He come from a very humble family background. 4 members of family (his mom and dad along with a younger sister).

One Time Fee – ₹11940/-

In less than 3 years, many people who joined have improved their art skills and have become a professional artist. But the most important 5000+ artists in Drawing Mastery community are connected emotionally.

No, Drawing Mastery is a paid training program and strongest art community in India.
There are multiple reasons why Drawing Mastery cannot be availabe FREE.

  1. Reyanshh and team wants to give the access to this training to only who are commited for their success and when someone makes a financial commitment. Then they learn with more sincerity and discipline on the other hand people who don’t pay an fee they don’t value worth of the training and don’t take the training seriously.

  2. Drawing Mastery is not just another course, it is complete training program on drawing and art fundamentals. People who enroll in Drawing Mastery they also get the access to a paid community which is India’s strongest art community for artists where they can share their work, interact with other artists. The best part of this community is that people here will push you to put more effort and appreciate your effort that boost the confidence as an artists. This is priceless and can’t be found anywhere else.

  3. At this lowest price it’s next to impossible to get a training like that which is 

  4. In order to make this training available for artists they pay a hefty amount on tools and salary… so they can’t give the training for free due to financial reason as well.

His vision is to help more artist become a professional artist in India.

He has multiple sources of earning.

  • Reyanshh Rahul Academy – where he provide art education to aspiring artists.
  • Social Media – he earn from youtube ads revenue and brand collaboration. 
  • Commission Work – he has a team of commission artists who do high paying commission work for clients accross the world.
  • The Branded Artists – he provide art business education to artists who want to become a professional artist.
  • They are also working on building India’s Biggest Art Education based platform.